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From terrine to table, Danke is a charcuterie-focused sandwich shop and wine bar located in Revival Food Hall. Meats, cheese, and bread rule the second project by Scott Manley and Matt Sussman of Logan Square’s award-winning, alpine-inspired Table, Donkey and Stick. Danke’s inviting menu highlights Chef Manley’s exceptionally crafted meats and Sussman’s widely-respected bread program. According to the Chicago Tribune, the "sandwiches are in contention for best-in-city status."

A twelve-seat counter flanks one side of the deli, giving patrons the option to grab and go, or sit and explore the unique wines and craft beers that Sussman, a certified sommelier, has expertly selected.

Matt Sussman

A native New Yorker and baking enthusiast, Matt got his start experimenting with many bread styles using commercial equipment he kept in his garage. His passion for naturally leavened breads and great wine was the impetus for his first restaurant Table, Donkey and Stick as well as the foundation of Danke’s menu. Matt is a CMS Certified Sommelier.



Danke is available to cater your office lunch or private event.  Please feel free to contact us at info@dankechicago.com or 773-770-6237 with any questions. Or, get started by filling out our online order form below.  Orders must be placed 12 hours in advance.

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Chicago Sun-Times

Our Secret Sandwich and pretty, pretty prosciutto slicer are featured on the Loop episode of The Grid from the Chicago Sun-Times.

Chicago Tribune - Ultimate Guide to Lunch in Chicago Loop

“Danke is the hidden gem in the Revival Food Hall and in serious contention for title of best sandwich-maker in all of downtown. I'm especially obsessed with the secret sandwich ($9.95). It starts with a fantastic baguette, which Danke bakes every morning at Revival. The dark brown and crusty loaf would taste good with a simple swipe of butter, but it seems purposely suited for this sandwich. Bite through the crackly crust, and you'll hit a luscious, creamy bed of duck liver mousse, pork belly and Swiss cheese. And just when you think it's all too intensely rich, a healthy dose of nose-clearing mustard helps cut through it all. According to co-owner Matt Sussman, this arguably crazy dish was devised by a hungry server, who dreamed up the combination for his staff meal.”

(photo: Nick Kindelsperger / Chicago Tribune)

(photo: Nick Kindelsperger / Chicago Tribune)

(photo: Nick Kindelsperger / Chicago Tribune)

(photo: Nick Kindelsperger / Chicago Tribune)

“One sleeper hit of Revival is the new project from the team behind Table, Donkey & Stick in Logan Square. Think of Danke as Revival's sandwich shop. Just don't expect a Subway knockoff. Instead, the stall specializes in what it refers to as "charcuterie-focused" sandwiches. You can see that most clearly on the pate de campagne ($10.50), which is quite easily the most decadent and stunning sandwich you can currently score in the Loop. Featuring a hearty slab of creamy pork country pate, it's balanced by a sweet and curt fig mostarda, crunchy pistachios and bitter frisee. Also quite good is the Italian Spiderman ($11), which comes stuffed with both creamy mortadella from Stuffed Goose and Milano Salame. As great as the charcuterie is, it's the housemade bread that propels these sandwiches into contention for best-in-city status. At first glance, the dark brown exterior makes you think the loaf is dense and hard, but it's actually soft and pliant.

Danke also has a wine bar, where you can order from a well-curated list of wines by the glass. I sipped on a 2011 Rioja Crianza ($11), a smooth and satisfying red. Instead of devouring a sandwich, consider ordering the charcuterie plate or a cheese plate ($12.50 each), featuring a daily selection of meat and cheeses.”